If you are having problems using or installing Flick, have a look at some of the questions other users have asked, and our answers:

General – Issues with the app itself
Networking – Problems sending or discovering other devices
Known Issues – Bugs that have been discovered and are being fixed

You can download Flick for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone and Linux.

80 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. i’ve got flick on my iphone and ipad, and it’s working fine. now, i need to get flick installed on my windows desktop. where do i download the file? there are no links available on getflick.io.
    thanks in advance!

  2. Can I get Flick for Mac OS 10.6?
    Seems odd that it is only available for 10.7 and up; in that case I would just use airdrop with iOS7.

    Flick for iPad is not limited to iOS 6, so can you make the OS X version also backward compatible?

    • The app currently uses some features that are only available on Mac OS 10.7 and up, but we will be looking to make it more backward compatible in the future. Also, iOS 7’s AirDrop only works between iOS devices, not Mac OS…

      • A bump on the idea of getting Flick on Mac OS 10.6. AirDrop does work from iOS7 to Mac OS 10.7 and later, but those of us who can’t upgrade our Macs currently don’t have any straightforward way to “beam” files to our Macs. Thanks for your consideration.

      • “Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely consider it for the next version.”

        With more and more solutions coming out that ARE compatible with 10.6 (Drop Copy, File Drop, Scribe, Mover+, Air Transfer, Local Cloud, to name a few), you may want to elevate your “we’ll consider it” stance to something a little more urgent. If history is any indication, only a very small handful of apps in your category will rise to the top, and it’s almost always the apps that are available to the most number of users. The rest simply fade away.

        Although I removed Flick last year when I realized it wasn’t compatible, I’m still interested in it. I continue to monitor Flick’s updates / releases in hopes that you’ve realized what’s happening in the industry, and then improved the app in order to remain competitive — and relevant.

  3. Hello. I’m having some troubles by sending pictures to my Iphone! I downloaded Flick (Windows), and I grabbed my pic to my desktop but the target bar didn’t show up 😦

  4. Since there isn’t yet a version compatible with Mac OS 10.6 (which, according to the latest stats, is one-third of the Mac population), what about a web-based version of Flick — similar to what the Bump app has (http://bu.mp)?

  5. Tranks for your work, I really appreciate the simplicity of this Solution. So you have a roadmap for the android app? I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Android due out soon. Were hoping to launch this week but some admin issue likely to push it into next week. Follow us on twitter for updates. @get_flick

    • I downloaded it today via the snap app onto my BB Classic and it is working well between my blackberry, pc, mac, and apple devices. The graphics aren’t quite as nice (notes look a little weird, and the ball shows up as a square on my classic), but the file transfers between devices work seamlessly and it is exactly what I was looking for.

  6. I have install Flick on my ubuntu . It seems run successfully, but if I try to drag any file to the top of the screen, it seems nothing has happened. My other devices also not find this ubuntu pc in the same wifi network.
    I think may be the unity cause that problem. On other platforms , it works well~

  7. I have iPhone,iPad,and iPod flick works great love it so much, I also have a android phone downloaded flick on it which receives photo’s and sends ok but cannot find photo’s say’s been saved at asset.jpg.downloads but I cannot find them anywhere on my android mobile any help would be greatful Thank you.also lots of my family members have same phone the Samsung mobile also iPads as well and have same problem.

    • Hi, have you looked under the Download folder in the My Files built-in app? The path should be All Files > Download, on the memory card…

  8. My iPhone Flick can’t find my MacbookPro. Just keeps searching. Has been working well until installing the update today.

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled on both devices. They’re both connected to same wifi.

    • Hi, is Flick running in the tray at the top on the Mac? If so, what version of OS X are you running, and what version of iOS do you have?

  9. Hello i have an ipad 4 and an iphone 5,when i send a picture or a video how i can save it in the camera roll?
    It isn’t save automatically

    • Hi, when you’ve taken the photo before flicking it you can tap it and press Save, and for videos you can tap it, press Open, press the action arrow (top right) and press Save Video.

    • Hi, is Flick running in the tray at the top? If it is, can you try quitting it and opening it again. Also make sure that your Mac is on the same WiFi network as the app on your phone or tablet…

  10. Works on android and iOS for me and my mac, but ball game and tic tac toe come back with .game suffix rather than actual game. am I missing plug in or something on my mac?


  11. How can I choose between using wi-fi and Bluetooth when transferring files. There doesn’t seem to be an option, but there should be.

    • Hi, the app will use the fastest available connection, so if both WiFi and Bluetooth are available, it will use WiFi. If you would like to force WiFi, you can turn off Bluetooth in your device’s settings…

    • Hi, when you broadcast, it sends the file to everyone who’s connected at the top, and then removes it from your device the same as if you flicked it to someone.

  12. Hi I download flick for my iPad and my android, it work fine, but somehow when I try to save the pic. I don’t know where it goes. Can u help me

    • Hi, on the iPad when you save photos they go to your Camera Roll (in the Photos app), and on Android it goes to your Download folder.

    • Hi, you can close Flick by clicking it’s status bar icon at the top right of the screen, and selecting Quit. You can also use the Activity Monitor app (in the Utilities folder) to find and quit Flick…

  13. How do I rename the macbook pro laptops in the flick app. We are using them in a school situation and the only names that are coming up along the top bar are ‘admin’s macbook Pro’ or ‘Macintosh -2 local’. This gets confusing when there are three devices connected with the same name.

    • Hi, the Mac version of Flick uses the Computer Name setting. To change the computer name, open the System Preferences app, go to Sharing, and it should be at the top. You may need to quit and reopen Flick for the changes to take effect…

  14. On linux:
    Drop out:
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.sun.jna.platform.win32.Advapi32
    at com.sun.jna.platform.win32.Advapi32Util.registryValueExists(Advapi32Util.java:492)
    at com.ydangleapps.Flick.NativeUtils.isAutoStarted(NativeUtils.java:37)
    at com.ydangleapps.Flick.Main.(Main.java:66)
    at com.ydangleapps.Flick.Main.main(Main.java:31)

  15. Hello there.

    Will it ever be possible to create iPad groups?
    Would be very handy if we could create groups of iPads, so files can be broadcast to selected devices, without individually flicking to each one.


    • Hi, we are currently working on this feature for the next version of Flick, and hopefully it will be available in the near future…

  16. Flick used to work flawlesly with my iPhone 5S as well as my wife’s iPhone 5S (both version 1.6.9 & IOS 7.04 and 7.1) and my iPad 3 (IOS 5.1, version unknown).
    Now, each time i start Flick it closes itself after 5 or 10 seconds in iPhones as well as iPad.
    Tried everithing and always got same result.
    I hesitate to update because my iPad will run 5.1 until it dies and there is no update (to my knowledge) that suports this IOS version.
    Why Flick stopped working in three different devices the same way, it starts, nothing happens and then closes itself?
    Googled everywhere but no one can help.
    What’s going on, any clue? I need Flick for my work and cannot understand why an application could stop working suddenly in three different devices with the same behaviour.

    Thank You.

    • Hi, it looks like the problem may have been caused by an update to our server, which wasn’t tested on the old versions of the app. We have changed some things now, can you check if the app opens correctly?

      The latest versions of Flick fix this problem, but they only support iOS 6 and above…

      • It’s working now, at last!

        Even works on my iPad with IOS 5.1 as did before.

        Thank You for your quick response.

  17. I was so excited today to discover Mac App Store allowed me to download Flick for Mac 10.6.8, but the Flick application sometimes doesn’t show up in the menubar even though it’s running. My iPhone can see the Flick application running on my mac and I can flick stuff towards it, but nothing shows up on my mac. I’m so close to true integration between my iOS and OSX devices!

  18. Thank you for the great app! I was wondering if there is a way to access the settings from a mac computer and a pc? Specifically I would like to change the name that shows up to my other devices since currently my mac and pc show the same name and when both are running it’s somewhat confusing which machine I’m moving files to. Not a deal breaker but being able to change one or the other would be very convenient. Thanks so much!

    • Hi, thanks for using Flick! Currently Flick uses your device name, so in order to change it you would need to change your device’s name and then restart Flick:

      Windows: Right-click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Computer Name tab > Change

      Mac: Apple logo top left > System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name at the top

  19. I have an IPHONE 4. A long time ago I Downloaded FLICK and it worked very Well but today it was actualiced and after that, the app doesn,t open. What happened? I hope you understand me because I don’t know English very well

    • Hi, our last update had a bug that caused a crash on iOS 7 and below. We have already submitted a new update to fix it, you should get it in about a week…

  20. I have downloaded the app on my iphone. Unfortunately, it just won’t open. I have rebooted my phone, deleted and reloaded the app. But when I click on the icon it enlarges and then automatically closes. Any quick fixes?

    • Hi, the last version of Flick we uploaded to the app store had a bug that would cause it to crash on iOS 7 and below, but we have already uploaded a new update to fix it. Once Apple has approved it in a few days, you should automatically get the update…

      • Awesome! Thank you. I should really update my phone one of these days too. Appreciate the quick response.

    • Hi Amy, there are two ways to save files in Flick for iOS. The first way (selecting Save from the popup menu) shows a list of apps that support direct saving. You can press the More button to enable any other apps that may be installed.

      The second way, is to press Open from the popup menu, and then press the Share button in the top-right (tap the screen if the button is not there). This brings up the list of apps you can open the file in.

      Since iOS doesn’t have a “file system”, if you want to save files to the local device, you need to get a File Manager app from the app store, and then save files to it using either of the above methods…

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