FAQs – Networking

Each version of the app has different supported connection methods. Here’s a table describing how the versions can communicate.


Here are some networking questions that have been asked.

Q: I can’t find any other devices.
Here’s a list of things to check if you’re having trouble connecting:

1) Check that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
2) If using the mobile apps, make sure the apps are running on the device screen.
3) Check that the network supports multicast. Public networks and hotspots usually have this disabled.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us at flickus@getflick.io or send a Feedback email using the button in the app.

Q: Will Flick work when not connected to a WiFi network?
Currently only the iOS and Mac versions of Flick work without WiFi. These apps will try to use a Bluetooth connection when possible. If you are having trouble with the Bluetooth connection, check the following:

1) Both devices’ Bluetooth is switched on in the Settings app.
2) Bluetooth will only work between iOS and Mac devices.
3) Bluetooth is inherently slow and an initial connection can take up to 40 seconds.
4) Bluetooth range is limited. Make sure the devices are close to each other.

Q: Will Flick work across multi-subnets or VLANs?
Yes it can. Make sure the network allows multicasting. Flick uses Bonjour, which uses multicasting, to find and discover other devices, so in order for it to work the network must be enabled for multicasting.

19 thoughts on “FAQs – Networking

  1. instale flick en mi pc y no funciona bajo windows puede ser que se trate de que mi pc no tiene pantalla tactil? mi sistema operativo es xp

    • Hi, does the menu open when you right-click the Flick icon in the tray? If not, can you try the 4th question in the General issues section? The app doesn’t require a touchscreen, you can use the mouse pointer as well.

  2. Hi:

    Just installed on IPod Touch, Apple Mini, and Nook HD.

    Works great between Touch and Mini, but Nook doesn’t indicate any search or connecting between other devices.

    Nook connection important.


    • Hi, what version of Android are you running? Also, have you made sure that the Android tablet and the Apple devices are all connected to the same WiFi access point?

  3. downloaded flick. on iphone 4 and 5 as well as windows 8 pc…all devices are on same wifi network, firewall on windows 8 pc allows flick. to use network. The iphones can find one another but cannot see PC nor can PC see iphones.

  4. I posted 2 days ago asking for assistance and I see my posting has been deleted. The issue was my iphone 4 and iphone 5 could discover each other but neither could see the PC (nor the PC see the iphones). All 3 were connected to the same wifi network.

    Please do not delete this and please give me a reply.

    • Hi, are you able to right-click the Flick icon in the tray on the PC and choose About? If it is frozen and nothing happens when you right-click, please try the question “The app is frozen on Windows, and right-clicking the Flick icon in the tray does nothing” under General. Also, are you maybe connected via wireless and wired to the network? If so, please try removing one of the connections…

  5. The app is not frozen. We are connected to both wired and wireless. We need to use the wired connection for our other running programs. Is there a work around for your program to fix this issue and allow the PC to have two connections?

  6. I’m connected on a PC through LAN and on an iPad through Wifi, both in the same router, But my iPad keeps “searching for devices” and on PC, when I click on anything and drag it to the top of the screen as Flick tells me to, nothing happens.

    • Hi, if you right-click the Flick icon in the tray on your PC, does it show the menu? If not, you may be having the freezing problem described in “Q: The app is frozen on Windows, and right-clicking the Flick icon in the tray does nothing” on the General page…

  7. Hi I’m new to Flick and can’t seem to get it to work. I have downloaded it onto both my ipad and laptop but they can’t find each other. I want to transfer some movies I downloaded into an app on my ipad to my laptop to free up space. Any help that gets me on the right track will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network. Also, the network must not have WiFi isolation enabled. The app uses the Zeroconf service to discover nearby devices, so the network must also allow multicast.

  8. It works between iOS and Mac. But devices are not found between Windows and iOS. I’m running latest JRE 1.8.0 update 25. Could you help?

    • Hi, can you check if the 4th question under the General section helps? “Q: The app is frozen on Windows, and right-clicking the Flick icon in the tray does nothing”. If that’s not the problem, also check if you have a firewall on the Windows computer…

  9. We are a school with 60 original iPads that all flicked between each other and have recently purchased 40 new iPad airs. They have the latest version of flick installed and will not recognise each other and are not able to be recognised by the original iPads. They are all on the same wifi network. Please help with some suggestions of what to try as we have followed all of the suggestions on this site.

    • Hi, if Flick is working between the iPad 1s over WiFi, then there should be nothing stopping the connection between the iPad Airs if they’re on the same WiFi network… Please try the following:

      – Restart your WiFi router if possible
      – Turn Bluetooth OFF on two of the iPad 1s and an iPad Air
      – Try flicking something between the iPad 1s
      – Then try flicking something from an iPad 1 to the iPad Air

      If you can flick between the two iPad 1s but not to the iPad Air, then we will need to get more info about your network to understand the issue:

      – Send us a Feedback & Suggestions email (in the settings button) from an iPad 1 and the iPad Air, so we can see the technical details
      – Send us a photo of the network setup from both an iPad 1 and the iPad Air:
      – Go to the Settings app -> Wifi menu
      – Tap the blue arrow or the blue (i) icon to the right of your connected WiFi network
      – Take a screenshot (press the lock and the home button at the same time, the screenshot will go to your photo library)

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